Friday, March 06, 2009

The World Unseen

South Africa 2007

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Seen 5 March 2009

South Africa in the 1950s where apartheid still rules the land sees the Indian community neither white nor black but grouped under coloureds. The story is centred on Miriam, a young wife with two young children and expecting her third. A chance encounter with a young woman who runs a restaurant sees the beginning of a different life path for Miriam.

There is discrimination based on your skin colour, prejudices against women, traditional community values that are being challenged and a budding relationship between two women. Miriam, the supposedly docile wife and mother finds her inner strength to move on with her life while the feisty woman restaurateur, Amina, gains a foothold in love.

The director manages to helm the film on an even keel and there are explosive moments, but the quieter parts leave a larger imprint.

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