Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Mirror

Iran 1997

Picture and details imdb

Seen 8 November 2006

Revealing film on the social mores of the Iranian society s seen through a girl’s perspective. A girl tries to find her way home on her own after school. Her mother who usually picks her up from her primary school did not turn up on that particular day. We see how the girl tries to go home with the help of elders she encounters along the way. We are able to get a glimpse of the social make-up of the Iranian society through the girl’s eyes and ears – women’s role in society, how the elders are treated, relationships between the sexes, how people cope with living in a city like Teheran. Midway through the film, the actor who plays the girls decides to stop acting. But the camera rolls on to capture her real life situation which is almost a mirror image to the story line of the film. The child actor is a gem. A natural as the whole film depends on her.