Sunday, February 14, 2010


Italy 2009

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Seen 17 October 2009

Is this fate

To fall in love one moment
To be forgotten the other

How can a love
Be abandoned

Just thrown away

The fight to reclaim your rights
Despite the hurdles
Seem in vain

No one knew
What happened
Evidence destroyed
Lives abandoned

Love's follies

No one knew

It could end this way

The Fish Child

Aka El nino pez

Argentina 2009

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Seen 12 October 2009

Past memories
Can never erased

It might be
Ages ago

But they are a part of us

Coming to terms
With what happened

Our survival instinct
Blocks the dark spots
Adapts to new places
Embrace the future


The past comes back
Haunts you
Follows you


We make a decision
Take the the bull by its horns

We have to
We must

To carry on