Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When Beckham Met Owen

Hong Kong 2004

Details hkflix

Seen 8 June 2008

Friendship between two boys who share a love for football, hence their namesakes, David Beckham and Michael Owen. This coming of age movie is light hearted but has some revelations on single parenthood, the camaraderie between close friends as well as tears and laughter. All part of the growing up process.

The young actors played their roles with exuberance. That helped a lot in bringing forth the topic of friendship while growing up and discovering oneself emotionally, intellectually and sexually.

A good effort.


Philippines 2007

Details dvdasian

Seen 15 May 2008

Five sexual fantasies. Each starts with a voice over detailing the feelings of the protagonist. The narrative continues to give insight into the emotional make up of the characters involved and reaches a peak when the fantasy nears its climax. There seems to be a common thread of strangers meeting each other and unknowingly progressing into a physical relationship. Alas, it is all a fantasy.

I don't want to sleep alone

Taiwan/France/Austria 2006

Details fortissimo

Seen 14 May 2008

An act of kindness grows into that desire to have another human close to oneself. In this version, compassion knows no bounds when given whole heartedly. Tenderness and seeds of love grow ever stronger as days pass by. Unfortunately, there is a third person. There is anger and anguish, as well as the fear of losing an anchor, something familiar in your life. A compromise is brokered and acceptance results in the end.

Parallel to this we see the longing for the recovery of a loved one stricken or condemned to a life of an invalid. The recovery would not only help the incapacitated object but signals a release from a life doomed to a mundane routine existence. The longing for that human touch manifested itself one night when one's physical desires wins over the logical and thinking part of ourselves.

Each scene is abundant with imagery and laden with layers of emotion. A mattress has a key role in this story. The anchor to all the goings-on.

Another delightful offering from Tsau Ming Liang.

Colonel Redl

Hungary/Austria/West Germany

Details answers

Seen 12 May 2008

A peasant boy’s journey through military cadet school until the time he is in the service of the emperor where he succeeds to the higher echelons of the military. He does not realise that he is just a pawn in the bigger scheme of things. Throughout his life, his determination to go up the ranks knows no equal. Unfortunately, that strength of character would also contribute to his downfall.

The intrigue and back stabbing seems like a normal event during those days. But I’m sure it still happens now.