Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Philippines 2008

Details imdb

Seen 21 July 2009

A movie theater
A family
The owners
The patrons

The matriarch tries her best
Regaining what is hers
Dignity, recognition, the past glorious days
She continues the fight
To keep the family
Even though some
Are not up to mark

The theater itself
Has seen better days
Now it is just
A stop over
There are those
Who watch the action on screen and
Those who participate
Off screen

There are earthly pleasures
On screen and off screen
And some do it as a service
In exchange for?
Love? Money? Companionship?

But the name of the theater
Is very apt
All of them are one family
The owners
The patrons

Monday, July 20, 2009

Far From Heaven

USA 2002

Details imdb

Seen 18 July 2009

The ideal couple
In 1950s America
Such a picture perfect family

Is that the reality
Unfortunately not

The man you love
The man who you think you know
Goes astray
And not with another woman
He does seek help
And you give support

The other man
Is the only one
Who understands

The two of you
Become fodder
For the town gossips

The difference in status and skin colour
Plays an important role
In those days
As such
A hindrance
For a friendship to blossom

The decision is difficult
Painful even
Maybe in future
It can be different

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't ask don't tell

USA 2002

Details imdb

Seen 16 July 2009

This is in the same league as
Attack of the killer tomatoes
Don't take it seriously
And you'll enjoy the movie

I'm sure those involved
Had so much fun
That is the beauty
Of the whole movie

To enjoy the story more
Current affairs
Americana and the world
Of the last years of
The twentieth century
As well as the beginning of
The twenty first
Should be recalled

Some dialogue
Is so spot on
You'll get guffaws
Rather than titters

Be forewarned
This is in black and white
And the actors are spliced
With old film footage
A good effect

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


UK 1976

Details imdb

Seen 14 July 2009

Once desired by many
But one false step

His faith was his undoing
Even in no man's land
His love affair
With a higher calling
Knows no bounds

Being victimised
Made fun off
Still he perseveres
There was only one friend
Who tried to see his side
But that did not help
Sebastiane's final fate

One other loves him too
Wants Sebastiane to be his lover
But Sebastiane is adamant
There is only one love
The love for that higher being

So Sebastiane suffers till the end
His gift
His belief

Antique Bakery

South Korea 2008

Details hancinema

Seen 13 July 2009

Cakes are sweet
In French, or Korean
Or in other languages
Cakes are sweet

Sugar and spice
Makes everything nice?
Not in this story

Cakes bring back memories
Or blocks some parts of it
Some people like cakes
Some people detest them


There is a mystery
Behind the bakery
There is a reason for its opening
Not just another business venture
Au contraire
Unconsciously helping
Cleansing, redeeming
A past
Best forgotten

From the film:

“Why do people want cake in their happiest moments?
Life maybe a cycle of pain and bad memories
That's probably why people look for cake when they're happy
Since life is a bitter thing, we try to make our joys ever sweeter”

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Greece 2006

Details imdb
Seen 11 July 2009

Trying to make good
To realise your dreams
Whatever obstacle
Comes along
Is hard

After the fact
Comes slowly

Even then
After so many

From the movie:

“It is not easy being human but it is even harder to behave like a human being”

Queens of Langkasuka

Thailand 2008

Details variety
Seen 10 July 2009

Good versus evil
Two sides

Whenever one has the upper hand
The good or evil
The battle continues
There is no end

Does the wronged man
Who lost his love
Take revenge
Using all he knows
To seek redress

Or will he rise above
And be benevolent
Using that power
For good
And not evil

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Down the river

aka Tam Sai Nam

Thailand 2004

Details amazon

Seen 2 July 2009

Nothing is permanent
Let go
And maybe the memories
Will linger

Does he just tolerate you
Is he just a good friend
You may think he is your lover
But that might be just
Wishful thinking

Even though he is always with you
It does not signify a thing
It is his heart which will decide
Whether the two will entwine

Will it be just memories then
Floating down the river