Monday, October 10, 2011


Hong Kong 2010

Seen 5 November 2010

Is love just a physical attraction
The starting point
It must be

Your partner has a past
You want to make it better
You accept all the flaws

As the future beckons
A glorious day
Is within your reach

But there will be mishaps

The Butch Factor

USA 2009

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Seen 5 November 2010

The realisation that you are different
Makes you wonder
Can you make it in life
Finding­ that happiness

Coming to terms
With who you are
What you are
What the future holds

A decision has to be made
Now or in the future
You owe it to yourself
To live and love


Spain 2003

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Seen 9 October 2010

Fiery, but you can't let go
Danger, but you still savour
Broken promises, but you still come back
Treated badly, but you still want her

She is the one
The only one for you
Irrespective of danger, broken hearts, jealousy

That inexplainable attraction
Whether for just one minute or one second
You still want her
You must have her