Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bukan Bintang Biasa

Indonesia 2007

Details  bbbthemovie

Seen 13 June 2008

A lighthearted look at teenage love and budding friendship. The movie starts with the break off of two lovers, both known to be popular with the opposite sex. The next step is the – I try to make my-ex-lover jealous- phase. So we get the other friends involved in a  bitter sweet comedy of errors.

We also get to see assumptions being misconstrued which then leads to a lovers' tiff. There is also the anonymity of the chat rooms and its consequences. Added to all this, there is a boy who is a die hard devotee of the main girl in the movie.

There is a happy ending befitting a teenage flick.


Indonesia 30 August 2007

Details  thesupermovie

Seen 10 June 2008

Gosh, love is all powerful. In this instance, love turned a haughty, thinks the world revolves around her brat to a loving, melt in the mouth girl. Alas, tragedy struck in the middle of this love soap opera. Then the audience gets to see how the girl copes with the loss. Of course, there is an obligatory happy ending of sorts, but not before we see how the heroine finds something deep within her in order to carry on with her life.

The young good looking actors were made for their roles. Nothing spectacular in terms of script, acting or direction but adequate to convey the message that life must go on.