Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Malaysia 2003

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Seen 21 September 2009

An elderly couple
Loving, caring, sharing

Have we ever seen such a spectacle
Especially in a conservative society
Where the old are expected
To be old

As if life will stop
When we cross that threshold
As if the fun stops
When nimbleness disappear

As if love
Has to be hidden

Seldom seen

That should not be a barrier
For loving couples
To continue loving
Whole heartedly

Growing old together
The love does not flicker
The love does not fade
Into oblivion

But should get

Mysterious skin

USA 2004

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Seen 14 September 2009

A geek
A favourite
The same baseball game

They're just 8 year olds
With an adult figure
Looming big
In the background


Both bleed


All is answered years later
But can they come to terms
With that particular demon

The past

Possible Loves

aka Amores Possiveis

Brazil 2001

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Seen 13 September 2009

Waiting for the rain to stop

Others have already met their intended
While you're still waiting

Ten years later
Three scenarios emerge

A conventional marriage
A broken up marriage
A continuous search for marriage
Which is the real experience

Who knows
You know

And the girl who stood you up
On that date
On that rainy night

No night is too long

UK 2002

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Seen 12 September 2009

The eternal question

When one says
I love you
Is the feeling mutual

Does silent mean you agree
Or do you feel something

If the love has gone
How do you break off gently
If possible

Now that you find your true love
You can't wait to be together again
With your true love

Despite the odds
You persevere

But all is not what it seems to be
Only later do you realise
What you have done

Your actions
Might be justifiable to you
But it has
Brought unexpected consequences

You have to face the reality
Your love for others
May destroy their lives

So it might be best
Even though
It is ever so painful
To let them go

At least
The love will endure
In you
In your love

Friday, September 11, 2009


Thailand 2008

Details mono-film

Seen 9 September 2009

The peaceful village
Suddenly finds itself
Face to face with unexpected danger
A marauding gang of trouble makers
On their way to the capital city

The villagers decide
That come what may
They must defend themselves

Out of the blue
Help came

In the form of three modern day countrymen

This is an adventure with an added twist
A show of patriotism
Reality, fantasy
Mixed in a potent brew

Yes, the good guys triumphed

But they had to endure
Trials and tribulations
Obstacles and barriers
Heartaches and pain

A benevolent monarch
Seems omnipresent
Might be true
Wish it was true
Hope it will always be true