Monday, August 31, 2009

Law of desire

Spain 1987

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Seen 29 August 2009

Desire, passion, longing
For one man
Could not be shared
Will not be shared

The heart says so
Even though in the beginning
It was not love at first sight

Even when your object of desire
Rebukes, denies, turns you away
Admits to his own selfish side
You dismiss it all

Matters at hand
That might prevent
The coming together
Of both souls
Is treated summarily
With dire consequences
Of course

In the end
Despite protestations
You are his heart's desire

You are the one
The true one
Close to him
Body and soul

Friday, August 28, 2009

Be Like Others

Iran 2008

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Seen 26 August 2009

You have to be like others
Either or
Not in between

That is the decision taken
By many in that situation
Some eager
Some with doubts
Some did not take the plunge in the end

There are those who are happy
In their own way
And others
With regrets

One certainty
They are not the same person anymore
They had made a change
They had decided

Even though
Society accepts
Their new identities
There is a feeling
Deep inside
That if given a choice
A real choice

They would not have made the change

My Magic

Singapore 2008

Details zhaowei

Seen 24 August 2009

A natural gift
Or is it
A burden

When you are down and out
Living day to day
The drink is your best friend
And life a stupor

Until your own child
Shakes you up
To be a man again

That magic is used
For a better life
But others
Use and abuse
That gift of yours

There is always a point
When that straw
Breaks the camel's back
Then all hell breaks loose

A father
A loving father
Not in the conventional way
But you did your best
In the only way you know

And your son knows

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rich Boy Poor Boy

Philippines 1992

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Seen 19 August 2009

Is it really love

Or just basic human need

Can differences in class and wealth
Be surmounted
It seems so
Or has the rich taken advantage of the poor
As some try to persuade
To be on their side
To start something anew
To put things right

No one can tell or be certain
Where matters of heart are concerned
Even a mother's efforts
To lead the son on a straight path
Does not lead to success

The heart

Knows no boundaries


Germany 2004

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Seen 16 August 2009

How does a man
A powerful man and his close aides
Face their final days before defeat

Compassion lost
In its place
A cold, steely heart

Millions dead

To his mind
And those who follow
Sacrifices are justified
Hideous acts, unimaginable
Seems so routine
Nothing out of the ordinary

A mother who puts all her children
To eternal sleep
How could she

Is there any justification
For the suffering
For the atrocities

All because of an idea

The superiority
Of a particular group
Has to be stamped, marked
In any which way possible
For posterity

And 50 million people died
Along the way


aka Loss of innocence

Philippines 2008

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Seen 16 August 2009

Was it a natural instinct
Or was it the pull of the city
Or was it just the right time
The right place
The right person

He had the same experiences
Where he came from
It might be fewer compared to
The new surroundings
But still the same

The difference might be
The variety
The amount received
The shot to fame
In that instant

Has he he forgotten
That girl who is always there for him

Is he confused
Can he come to terms
That a part of him
Wants to retain

That innocence

Friday, August 14, 2009

Death Defying Acts

UK/Australia 2007

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Seen 13 August 2009

A sleight of hand
A coin appears

Is it real
Is it trickery
Or are we just willing victims
Who wants, needs
Belief suspended

The two meet
One toils from young
Becoming an idol in his times
The other, a psychic
Is just another mother, woman
Trying to make ends meet

The man wants assurance
A redemption for past events
The woman wants security
Something for the future

It is all a game
Until something stirs
A primordial need
To love and be loved

Even for a fleeting moment
They did savour together
Passion, emotions

That is real

Sunday, August 02, 2009

For the Bible tells me so

USA 2007

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Seen 28 July 2009

Do people manipulate scriptures
Do people take a paragraph blindly
Can't people see the whole

The sinners are condemned
But are they really sinners

The Almighty
Has created all and sundry
If you believe
In the Book
Whatever Book
Should you not believe
In the myriad variety

Who are we
To pass judgement

Who are we
To determine heaven and hell

Isn't that His prerogative