Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No night is too long

UK 2002

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Seen 12 September 2009

The eternal question

When one says
I love you
Is the feeling mutual

Does silent mean you agree
Or do you feel something

If the love has gone
How do you break off gently
If possible

Now that you find your true love
You can't wait to be together again
With your true love

Despite the odds
You persevere

But all is not what it seems to be
Only later do you realise
What you have done

Your actions
Might be justifiable to you
But it has
Brought unexpected consequences

You have to face the reality
Your love for others
May destroy their lives

So it might be best
Even though
It is ever so painful
To let them go

At least
The love will endure
In you
In your love

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