Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kiss of the spider woman

Brazil/USA 1985

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Seen 14 March 2009

I am quite certain everyone involved in this movie had a good time during the film making process. A good script, cast and sure handed direction gives this story of two contrasting men forced to share a jail cell a head start in capturing the audience's attention.

This particular cell had Molina, a homosexual sharing that confined space with Valentin, a journalist who was imprisoned for helping the revolutionaries. At almost every opportunity, Molina will regale Valentin with his fantastical story of a movie he had seen when he was in the outside world. A story of love, devotion and loyalty. In truth, that is what Molina himself is going through, a dilemma, the choice between love and loyalty or freedom.

This movie will definitely stand the test of time.   

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