Saturday, March 21, 2009

Buddha collapsed out of shame

Iran 2007

Details  makhmalbaf

Seen 21 March 2009

A damning look at what has happened since the Talibans blew up the statue of Buddha at Bamiyan. The story follows a young girl's struggles to go to school. From the moment she heard a neighbour reading book, she was just mesmerised by the stories in the book that it triggered her unfailing effort to be like him, someone who can read.

Her journey towards that goal is the focus of the story. The children in the story mirror what is happening in their community, the beliefs, the misconceptions and the struggles. And a little girl soldiers on to achieve her ambitions.

The story gets more heart breaking as we go from scene to scene with an almost hopeless outlook for the main character. Poignant and sad, but hopefully there will be pockets of triumphs in the midst of all the gloom.

The children in the movie are superb.

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