Sunday, March 15, 2009

Los Placeres Ocultos

aka Hidden Pleasure

Spain 1977

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Seen 15 March 2009

Eduardo, as usual falls for a young boy, Miguel but does not treat him as he does his other tricks. Eduardo steels himself from corrupting Miguel and eventually confesses his love. Of course, at first Miguel is very upset and determined not to have anything anymore with Eduardo but made an about turn when Eduardo ran into a scrape with his previous conquests. The two of them and Miguel's girlfriend, Carmen came to an understanding and became good friends. But there is danger lurking, as Miguel's past catches up with all of them

This is reality as there are successful men who uses their money and power to buy favours irrespective of their preferences. The situation can become complicated when there are others who want that same person.

A film that looks at social mores and acceptance in Spain during the 1970s.

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