Friday, March 13, 2009

Prenom Carmen

aka First Name Carmen

France 1983

Details  imdb

Seen 12 March 2009

Carmen is the centre piece of this story. A strong woman per se but when it comes to love, the whole world crumbles. On the surface the film revolves around Carmen and her gang who rob a bank. The policeman at the bank falls for Carmen, inexplicably and we see the intricacies of love being played between the two.

Suspend your everyday perceptions if you want to enjoy this movie as the plot comes to the fore via images and scenes that might not make any sense if taken separately. The style is a homage to the film noir of the 1950s and we also get a quartet practicing in between the main story, which gives another dimension to the whole experience. The music and the story is inextricably woven together.

Mind boggling.

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