Thursday, March 05, 2009

Le Concile de Pierre

aka The Stone Council in English

France 2006

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Seen 3 March 2009

A thriller and mystery shrouded in intrigues and human greed. This might be an ordinary story of child adoption and how a single mother copes with bringing up her adopted son in the midst of a busy lifestyle as an interpreter. But we are served with the added twist of past events that seem to signal a closer relationship between mother and adopted son than we would have at first anticipated. An unlikely event as the mother and son are worlds apart in terms of geography and background. The only common denominator is that both are orphans.

The plot thickens as the story goes along, with key persons linked to the two found dead. Eventually, the mother and son had to face their adversary. This sees the culmination of folklore, and modern science coming head to head.


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