Monday, March 02, 2009

Singapore Dreaming

Singapore 2006

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Seen 1 March 2009

This story should strike a chord with the ordinary folks, the middle class who struggle for a better life. They are the backbone of any society, the nut and bolts in the engine of growth of a nation. Even if they could not reap the benefits of their toil at present, they will always have high hopes that the next generation will.

In this case, the hopes are heaped on the son. But, that is not meant to be. In a patriarchal society, males are always the favoured ones to the detriment of all, family and loved ones.

Even a lucky turn of events do not seem to change the attitude of the men. The story gives the run down on the still perceived notion that the men are king, whereas women are subservient appendages for the pleasure of the men to do as they please.

The ending itself shows how selfless women are and continue to be despite the undeserved treatment they get from men.

Seems like a mundane depiction of an average family life but actually shows the pulse of the society at large.

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