Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Avant que j'oublie

aka Before I Foget

France 2007

Details  movies.nytimes

Seen 10 March 2009

The story focus is on a retired gigolo, who spends his ‘retirement’ reminiscing the good old days with his old friends, looking back at what could have been. As someone who uses his good looks and charms to earn his living, he continues to crave for that physical closeness with another human, exacerbated by the fact that he has no family of his own. Compared to his gang, he leads a lonely life but his character is such, that to him, it is not such a big issue. He still gets his physical satisfaction paying younger gigolos for their services. This is life in full circle, as if in a relay, each runner passing the baton to the next.

Non-judgmental look at life, but as always, food for thought, with lots of philosophy and questions, in a very French mould.

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