Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cape No 7

Taiwan 2008

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Seen 18 March 2009

A male lead who is sullen throughout the film paired with a female lead who sometimes screams her head off, might not be everyone's idea of a romantic story. But both leads are in character, a young man dejected by failure in the big city meets his match in the girl who feels cheated out of better opportunities in her own homeland. They seem to hate each other's guts, so how did that love bloom?

Play this against the backdrop of a small seaside town and another love story of at least two generations earlier, and we have a winner. Add some views on the role of the elderly and the respect that should be accorded to those in this group, development for small communities, diligence and hard work, and we have almost run the whole gamut of human emotions and what is to be expected in a civilised and caring society.

When the songs start playing, and you listen to the lyrics, then we realise how corny everything is, but it is a wonderful feeling, a tear or two might even make an appearance.

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