Thursday, January 22, 2009

Virgin Snow

South Korea 2007

Details  sensasian

Seen 21 January 2009

Saccharine sweet, cloying, but in the end, it is a love story. This time, the story is between a Korean boy, transplanted to Kyoto following his father who is on an exchange programme. Min meets Namae accidentally and falls head over heels over her.

But being the foreigner, he had to go through some hurdles. They do manage to come to a point where love blossoms and there were promises made. Alas, circumstances dictate otherwise. Their next encounter a few years later in Seoul did not start on the right footing. Misunderstandings as usual became a hindrance to the lovers’ smooth journey towards a happy ending.

The Kyoto background enhances the overall feelings of a summer love, nurtured by the surroundings and growing by day. In contrast, the first snow fall which supposedly signifies the ever lasting relationship between couples, seems so precious.

Not quite a tear jerker, but we can get teary eyed if we just let ourselves be the teenagers in love in the story.

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