Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kissing Jessica Stein

USA 2001

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Seen 21 October 2008

Finding that perfect life time partner seems to be an elusive dream for many, especially if you are Jessica Stein. She, copy editor with charm and wit tried to find men who fit her definition of the perfect mate. Alas, easier said than done and repeated blind dates do not bring the desired results.

The coming wedding of her brother brings matters to a turning point. This is compounded by a personal ad in the papers which intrigues her with a quote from Rilke. The ad mentions that a girl is seeking another girl. Maybe out of curiosity or the frustrations of looking for Mr. Right, Jessica decides to answer the ad.

Jessica did pluck up enough courage to meet the girl who put up the ad, Helen. This is the starting point of a relationship between two head strong personalities. They seem such opposites but there are lots of common ground between them that they share.

A light hearted look at relationships, how it evolves, the different shades of affection and how the feelings for each other goes from one plane to the other. A microcosm of the things we do when we follow our heart.

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