Thursday, January 22, 2009

Budak Kelantan

Malaysia 2008

Details  cinema

Seen 19 January 2009

A raw, gritty, ugly and dark portrayal of urban life compared to the glitzy melodrama we almost always get from Malaysian filmmakers.

The cast of mostly unknowns lend an authentic feel to the whole. A juxtaposition of good and evil is present whereas both were from the same environment in times past. How did things change? Why? We do not have stock answers.

This is a Malaysian film I can be proud of despite its technical flaws. A good plot, competent ensemble and even handed treatment from the director give the audience something to mull over.

If you want a different perspective of the urban landscape, especially from the points of view of those from the other parts of the country, this film is not a disappointment.

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