Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Love of Siam

Thailand 2007

Details  rottentomatoes

Seen 24 January 2009

Give me a tearjerker anytime; I’ll be misty eyed throughout. And in this case, there were plenty of those moments.

A friendship between two boys sees them facing the reality of teenage life, the normal growing up needs of companionship, acceptance and love. Pour into this volatile mix the concerns of a mother, and a father who has not learned how to let go off the past, and we end up with a potent concoction.

The refrain from the theme song keeps repeating, “as long as we love, we have hope”. How simple can it be? Is it that easy? Not quite the case here. There are questions to be asked, decisions to be made, all in the name of love.

Yes, love.


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