Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jenny, Juno

South Korea 2004

Details  hancinema

Seen 12 September 2008

The central theme of teenage pregnancy is the mainstay of this teenage flick. The real problems of parental and society’s objections is only dealt with at almost the end of the story. From the beginning we get to see how attached the two young lovers are to each other. As any other teenage couples, but with an added responsibility of a baby, their daily lives might even be considered so ordinary, mundane.

School, home and outings together is the sum total of their activities. No major flare-ups between the two, except at the start when Jenny tells Juno about the baby. The story line does not show the nitty-gritty of teenage pregnancy. Instead, we get a light hearted approach.

Seems like a fairy tale to me.


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