Saturday, January 31, 2009

Get Married

Indonesia 2007

Details  movie-cinema

Seen 27 January 2009

Another light hearted look at the traditional precept that everyone has the responsibility of getting married in order to propagate and multiply the human race, and of course the family lineage. The pressure is doubled especially when the person in question is a girl.

Mai, a tomboyish girl is under pressure from her parents to get married after she managed to graduate from secretarial school. She is a part of a gang of four friends who grew up together in the outskirts of Jakarta. She is not too keen on this marriage plan suggested by her parents who asks around the neighbourhood whether there are any suitable suitors. As a solution, she asks her friends to help her when she signals that she is not agreeable to any suitor that comes to see her.

Until one day, a misunderstanding occurs and we see the consequences.

Fluff to some but still enjoyable.

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