Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jangan Panggil Aku Cina

Indonesia 2003

Details  sinarharapan

Seen 30 January 2009

A television drama on the still strong sentiment against the Indonesian Chinese, set in the traditional milieu of the West Sumatran town of Padang. Yusri and Olivia falls in love but are up against the traditional prejudice against the Chinese and the added responsibility of upholding tradition as well as keeping the extended family happy. There is also the good for nothing son as the villain.

This drama was done badly. Period. Or maybe the years have aged the drama, because the pace is painstakingly slow. A tighter script and editing would have been a much needed booster to the overall product.

It is disheartening that such a good subject has not been treated with more depth. The director might cringe if he looks at his production again in future.




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