Saturday, January 31, 2009

Otomatis Romantis

Indonesia 2007

Details  sensasian

Seen 26 January 2009

A light hearted look at family obligations and what your heart really desires.

Nadia, the second in the family of three daughters is under pressure to marry since she is nearing 30 and still single. Compared to her elder sister who is married and her younger sister who already has a boyfriend, she is more concerned with her career as the head of a woman’s magazine.

Bambang, a man with a heart of gold, a country bumpkin in some ways who is always being bullied by his elder brother, works in the same office as Nadia but just as an administrative assistant. He has ambitions to be a reporter too since he had some experience in his hometown.

The story shows how both of them, found something in common even though they are from different backgrounds. Love or romance in this case was not automatic, hence the title.

Good watch for a relaxing evening. 

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