Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Follow Law

Singapore 2007

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Seen 24 October 2008

Two opposites, one, the ambitious girl who follows strictly the rules of the land, whereas on the other side, is the single father who barely makes a living to support his young daughter. The two were at loggerheads at their company until the fateful day when they had their accident and their lives changed.

For better or worse, they saw a different side of their nemesis compared to previous presumptions. In a not too subtle way, there is a subtext on the lives of public servants and their all too willing acceptance of rules. Well, most of them anyway. Some do take advantage of loopholes and get the pot of gold irrespective of events that befall them.

Sometimes I feel it is more of a made for television movie but that does not distract from its main theme of rules and its affects on people. There are also some redeeming poignant moments.

At least the movie does not pretend to be high brow. A very approachable effort, very fluffy, using slapstick in some instances but quite enjoyable overall

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