Friday, October 24, 2008


Argentina 2007

Details  film

Seen 30 Aug 2008

This is a riveting story of a girl born with both sexual organs. As her body changes to maturity, she has to make a decision. Does she live with what she was born with, or cut off a part of her to make her whole, normal.

Normal, that is the operative word in this film. We see her tormented by her peers and society once her secret is known. But her supportive family and those close to her, helped a little. Ultimately, she herself has to determine how she wants her life to be.

A seldom broached subject, a two in one person, an anomaly, seldom happens and some might even deem a freak. The ensemble cast gives the film the extra sheen and the actress who plays the main character managers to convey the desolateness of a torn spirit but unwilling to bend to the rules.

In the end, an absorbing story, to say the least.

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