Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wo Ai Ni

Indonesia 2004

Details  suarapembaruan

Seen 18 July 2008

Wo ai ni, I love you. In this story, it is a love for money and family. Maybe poverty does have a strange effect on the way the poor try to better themselves. There is always the effort through sheer hard work, sweat and tears. There is also a deceptively simple way of getting those riches by marrying a rich man or getting your due share from such arrangement.

An elder sister's obsession with marrying someone rich as a way to get out of the poverty cycle almost ends disastrously for the younger sister. There is also a sub-plot of an adopted girl who comes back to the small town to find her biological mother.

This story is interesting in a way since it highlights the little known fact of the Chinese poor in Indonesia and how some of the girls are procured by agents as brides for rich men from Taiwan and I guess other Chinese speaking communities.

An economic getaway to a better life not just for the girl but her family too.

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