Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bangkok Love Story

Thailand 2007

Details  cduniverse

Seen 19 July 2008

Another romantic love story, my favourite genre. In this case the love is between two men, a hired killer, Mehk and his intended victim, Iht. Mehk has a rule that he only kills bad guys and when he found out that Iht is the good guy, they make their escape from the mob. They form a bond when Iht took care of Mehk who was shot during their getaway.

The rest of the story shows how Mehk came to be in his profession, avenging in a way what was done to his younger brother, Mawk and their mother. Iht, himself, a married man, has to come to terms with his feelings for another man.

The two, with their own past and present lives have to confront that heartache and longing.

Melodramatic in some parts but overall a satisfying watch. Helped no less by excellent cinematography and art direction.

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