Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Indonesia 2007

Details  21cineplex

Seen 24 June 2008

Love makes its presence felt again in this melodrama. Arista, a typical drug user who is on the brink of losing her whole self in the embrace of the drug world is saved from that fate by her ex-boy friend, Bara. Bara in fact was the cause of Arista's drug dependency. But he himself has managed to overcome his drug abuse phase and now it is his turn to help Arista.

We see the conflict of emotions when Bara, engaged to be married to another girl, Nina, met Arista again for the first time after such a long separation. The ex-lovers were torn apart when Bara was in rehabilitation but now is back on his feet as a counselor, whereas Arista has gone downhill since her first encounter with drugs.

Once the side story of Nina is dealt with, the audience sees the love between Arista and Bara rekindled. Then we get the standard fare of caring and loving each other and in this case, it is heightened by the fact that time is not on the side of the lovers.

The final scenes are replete with dialogue heavy in love speak. We can't expect anything less, can we?

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