Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The kite runner

USA 2007

Details  kiterunnermovie

Seen 1 July 2008

Based on the book by Khaled Hoseeini, this is an adequate adaptation. Movie adaptations of books could never match the imagination of each individual reader. This is true in this case as well, but for those who have not read the book, the story is quite engrossing.

The main pulls are the child actors who played the two main characters. They have managed to bring to life the essence of the book. That has always been the strong points of child actors in the hands of a competent and understanding director. Scene after scene, the boys made it seem so natural, without any prodding or stilted move. In comparison, the adult scenes were not as effective.

Yes, see it if you have not read the book. But even if you have read the book first, just watch the movie to satisfy your curiosity on how the director transforms it to the big screen.

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