Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The naked civil servant

UK 1975

Details  imdb

Seen 28 June 2008

The movie is based on Quentin Crisp's autobiography. A self proclaimed homosexual and exhibitionist who gained notoriety for his flamboyance and devil may care attitude. This is a man born in the early part of the 20th century, with a still conservative society, defying the conventions of the day. He made it through his growing up years despite his non- conformity and blossomed when he met others of the same persuasion.

The dream of getting his dark handsome man who will take care and love him forever more, remains just that, a dream. He realises this fact and continues with his life in the only way he knows, by being himself.

Despite the prejudices of the day, his circle of friends is always a source of comfort. But essentially he is a loner. In the extra clips from the DVD we get to see an interview with him in New York. It seems that he chose to go there to prepare for the final journey in his life. His spirits are high and we could still see that spark in his eyes.

He is the rare human being, the ultimate survivor.

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