Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jakarta Undercover

Indonesia 2007

Details  21cineplex

Seen 23 June 2008

In the face, gritty thriller, that is what the audience gets. It is more than that, a microcosm of the Jakarta underbelly. The nightlife, the people who populate that time of day, these gems dominate.

Vicky who works as an exotic dancer in one of the numerous hot night spots in the city is entangled in a life or death situation when her younger brother unwittingly witnesses a death. Almost the entire movie takes place at night except for the last ten minutes of the story.

Good script, acting, direction and soundtrack combine to make the movie a nail biting experience. We root for Vicky and just can't wait to see how she'll escape her pursuers.

The subtext on the little people juxtaposed against those in power is strewn throughout the movie. The marginalised, the common people are everywhere. They might have the numbers but the power is still in the hands of the few. But in this instance, friendship, love and determination carried the day.

A superb effort from all involved.

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