Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Away from her

USA 2006

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Seen 26 June 2008

Gentle, dignified take on the deteriorating mental and physical conditions of an Alzheimer's patient. In this case, Fiona, realising that her condition is worsening, admits herself to a specialised nursing home catering for those afflicted. This is in spite of the reservations from her husband of 40 years.

The main rule of the home is that, once admitted, the patient must be left there for 30 days without any contacts from family and friends. This is the first time that the couple has been apart for such a long period. We get to see the changes after the husband visits Fiona again after that imposed period.

The heartache of seeing your loved one ignoring you and concentrating more on new found friends is not lessened by the fact that the change is part and parcel of a typical Alzheimer's makeup. It is a very difficult situation for the family whereas the patient themselves are on a different plane altogether.

Superb acting by all involved especially the tour de force from Ms Julie Christie gives this story an extra dimension to viewers on how love manifests itself in so many ways.

The key word here is LOVE.

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