Friday, October 24, 2008

No regret

Korea 2006

Details  hancinema

Seen 29 July 2008

A timid man falls in love with a poor man. That is how, Jae-nin, a rich man's son describes his feelings for Su-min, an orphan. They were not in love at first instance, more of the lust at first sight version. Added to that, it was also Jae-nin's obsession that started the ball rolling. They do become eventually become lovers after the many rejections from Su-min. But now there is the matter of family to handle before our lovers can ride into the sunset happily ever after.

There is also a side story of a newcomer to Seoul who comes under Su-min's wings. A contrast in feelings, relationships and solutions is prevalent.

Misunderstandings and making up, uphill battles despite the odds, they have no regrets.

The emotional ups and downs seem so true of any relationship but in this movie, they lead to dangerous waters.

Indeed, an engrossing story.


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