Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snow (Snijeg)

Bosnia 2008

Details  mamafilm

Seen 10 April 2012

A village comes to terms with its past and future in the post war years

Can we ever forget the past
When we are the so-called lucky survivors
When our everyday lives are reminders of what happened to loved ones
The uncertainty of their fate
The never diminishing dream that miracles can happen

We carry on in our quest to be independent
Despite the hardships and barriers that come along
Despite the temptations of a so-called better life
Despite the prodding of others
Despite the doubts of our decision

Standing firm against the odds
Not wavering

Discovering the fate of our loved ones
Signals a catharsis
An acceptance of what happened

The time has come for a new beginning
Marked by the first snow fall

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