Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Silence (Chinmoku)

Japan 1971

Details cdjapan

Seen 23 April 2012

Faith, its spread and defence

IMDB 7.0/10
I would agree with a 7.0 since I was taken up by the film score, minimalist and very apt to the story line. The acting style might be considered stilted by some but others may say it is stylised.

My impressions:

Men of faith
Journey to the far corners of the world
Spreading their beliefs
To the so-called pagans
Who have their own beliefs

Their faith is such
That they are wiling to go through hardships and persecution
But is there a limit to what they are willing to go through

They might be strong willed
They might believe in miracles
They might turn the other cheek
But what about the others

Suffering, slowly

There are also surprises
In a land far away from home
But true

It does happen
In the name of survival

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