Thursday, April 26, 2012

In a better world (Hævnen)

Denmark 2010

Seen 25 April 2012

A better world for whom?

Rotten Tomatoes Audience 85% liked it
Metacritic User Score 7.3/10
The themes might be familiar but the juxtaposition between the two societies highlights our similarities. The child actors deserve the highest accolades and help me decide on an 8.0 for this film.

My impressions:

Different worlds, different issues
But human emotions and reactions
Are the same
They are happy and sad
Feel the joy and pain
As any one can vouch
We are only human

Violence begets more violence
Would non violence have any role
In the continuing struggle
Between good and evil

The man tries

In the end his decision
Solves a problem
But will definitely ignite a new one

Can it ever end
This vicious circle

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