Friday, April 20, 2012

Chronically Unfeasible (Cronicamente Inviável)

Brazil 2000

Details cduniverse

Seen 19 April 2012

A country divided

Is there any hope with the present conditions
Prevalent, the norm in all parts of society

Even those with a social conscience
Seems to be led astray
Do gooders who turn a blind eye
To the reality
People who say they have a good heart
Blinded to the reality
Those who are supposedly charitable
Unwilling to acknowledge the unpleasant depths of the reality

The chasm is so wide
Will it be ever be narrowed

The answer lies with the people themselves
The workers, the oppressed
They have to stand up and fight the good fight
But it is not an easy fight

The present system has been there for a long time
Entrenched ways even if unfair
Seems acceptable
Society is immune
They just watch and see
Without lifting a finger
To the atrocities, the differences
That occur in their midst

Reality is an illusion
They see only what they want to see
Believing all is well
In the land of milk and honey

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