Monday, April 02, 2012


Indonesia 2008

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Seen 12 November 2011

The sea is the backdrop
The boys, the men
A father, a son

The sea a witness
Seems silent, full of secrets
Secrets of the past
And the sea becomes a refuge
A means to escape the reality
Until reality comes to shake up the scene

Memories from the past
Why can't they stay in the past
Why must it be present
Why must it be so painful
The hurt, is there any way to escape that hurt

The sea comes to the rescue
For a moment, no forever
It is not the solution
As your place is not at sea
You belong somewhere else
You have to start anew

The past will remain in memory
But for now
The present is here, the reality
It has to be faced
Whatever the consequence

The sea is not the protection, solution

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