Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

USA 2011

Details wikipedia

Seen 9 April 2012

This American production managed to stand on its own with a different emphasis and approach from the Swedish version

Evil knows no boundaries
Does not recognize friends or foe or even family
In this cauldron we have the two
The investigative reporter and the unconventional researcher
The two are outsiders, the best in their fields
Togther to solve a mystery

The family has secrets, deep secrets, hidden from the outside world
A world of transgressions
Despite the veneer of normalcy
Undercurrents, misery, unspoken deeds
How does someone escape from such a fate

With cunning and some help

The present has to put a closure to the past
The two outsiders are there to find the answer
While they themselves struggle to come to terms
With their own demons
They will do their best to shed light
On the dark past

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