Saturday, May 26, 2012


Phillipines 2010

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Seen 24 May 2012

Love blossoms in an unlikely place

Who would have thought love can appear again after so many years and in an unlikely place with someone who at first seems so distant. The premise is simple and some parts might seem too slapstick but there are moments. I'll give it a 7.10/10

My impressions:

All those years
Torturing yourself
Keeping the peace

And suddenly
That look
Heralds a new beginning

Slowly, tentatively
Exploring, getting to know
Each other better

Sacrifices, cherished moments
In such a short time
Seems unfair

The message is clear
We need that empathy
From another person
Building up the self-esteem
That might be crushed

So as to start anew

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