Friday, May 04, 2012

Left Luggage (2 koffers vol)

Netherlands 1998

Details imdb

Seen 3 May 2012

The past is ever present

IMDB 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 88% liked it
This gentle tale of memories of the past and how it shapes the present gets a 7.0/10 from me. I was attracted to see this film since it had Isabella Rossellini in the list of actors and she does not disappoint. There are no major flare-ups in the story and instead we have more thoughtful moments.

My impressions:

It is always love that plays a part
In our lives
In bad times and good times
It is ever present

Love for your family
That will always come to mind
Even if you can't stand the sight of each other
That bond is there
There is no escape

Then you find love in other forms
Little steps at first
Until the bond becomes stronger

The joy and anticipation
Of each day
Is heightened
By the thoughts
That you will meet
That someone you love

But we will never know
How long it will last

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