Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Headshot (ฝนตกขึ้นฟ้า fon tok huen fa)

Thailand 2011

Details imdb

Seen 6 May 2012

Evil genes, stop them from spreading

IMDB 7.0/10
The opening scene is reminiscent of a Raymond Chandler mystery novel and this is the Thai version. The film takes a leisurely pace to unfold the plot with the main character facing obstacles that seem designed to thwart his efforts in getting on with his job. The film gets a 7.0/10 for the effort.

My impressions:

Can the assumption be true
That we're born with evil genes
The good doctor says

The evil has to be nipped in the bud
With as much help as can be mustered
Before they get stronger

The means towards an end
Does not have to follow the rules
As long as we reach the aim

Good versus evil
It does not seem to end
Until the final breath
Releases us from the pressures
Deciding between the two

Sometimes we think we have succeeded
Overcoming the doubts
But others
They are persistent
They still want a final say
Either way

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