Monday, May 21, 2012



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Seen 20 May 2012

Road journey of discovery

IMDB 7.1/10
The start seems ordinary but along the way, the characters discover other facets of themselves and those who are close to them. It does touch on issues faced by the immigrants in Europe but does not delve too deeply into them. We just get a glimpse but not the solutions. The film moves along at a leisurely pace which makes it a 7.0/10 in my books.

My impressions:

The journey begins
The morning after the celebrations
Supposedly on his own
But the best friends tag along

Along the way
They discover new worlds
New insights, friendships and attractions

They discover themselves and
Each other
Things that were not said before
Now comes out in the open

It is a different phase in their lives
A momentous occasion for one
Which might affect the others

What will be the decision

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