Thursday, January 10, 2008

What time is it there?

Taiwan 2001

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Seen 15 October 2007

A father's death is the beginning of events related to time and place. The son, Hsiao Kong is a street peddler dealing in watches. A customer, Shiang-chyi, a girl who is going abroad the next day is vehement that she wants the watch that Hsiao Kong wears. At first he is reluctant to sell the watch but relents after much persuasion.

Hsiao Kong and his mother still feels the presence of the departed and no amount of prayer and offerings seems to calm the spirit. Both of them are affected and Shiang-chyi herself seems to have similar experiences.

The link is the watch, but on deeper reflection the three main characters have their own demons to face. The departed father, husband is just the catalyst.

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