Thursday, January 24, 2008

Macho Undercover

Germany 2005

Details hkflix

Seen 13 January 2008

A light hearted romantic comedy. An out of work journalist Tom, finds work at a woman's magazine. He pretends to be gay in order to get the job. Tom finds his new place of employment heaven sent. A macho man in a woman's world. But as he becomes familiar with his working environment, he found that he has deeper feelings for one particular woman, Andrea in his office. Unfortunately, Andrea only has eyes for the main man in the company.

We see how Tom, discovers himself, his more caring side. He does not just appreciate woman physically but respects them as a whole person. Tom also discovers that the gay community is not as queer as he once thought. They are just men who happen to prefer other men.

There are some scenes that seem to emphasise the accepted stereotype of a gay man. Tom's portrayal of a gay man show the common perception of what a gay man should be. Thankfully, these are done tastefully. Not too over the top and there is a feel good factor at the end. A modern love story.

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