Wednesday, January 09, 2008


USA 2006

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Seen 15 October 2007

The title refers to the coming of age celebrations for a girl on reaching fifteen years old. The story centres on Magdalena who is 14 but finds that she is pregnant, not through full sexual intercourse but more a result of an accident, an immaculate conception. That and plus the fact that her father is the parish priest made her find refuge at her great grand uncle's place, Tomas. This is also the safe place for her troubled cousin, Carlos who acts though but is a decent man at heart.

After a few more complications down the road, we see the scene stealer, a funeral and a eulogy that brings back the families together. A piece of the eulogy brought some sense back to the warring parties. The dead man was a man of love, accepts all without any prejudgements. A saint according to the speaker whose spirit will live on among those who knew him and generations to come.

Bitter sweet.

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