Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Indonesia 2006

Details richardoh

Seen 1 December 2007

Surreal. A bag found by an ordinary man who lives a mundane existence as a clerk in a government department becomes the focal point of the film. The perception of others about him changes with the appearance of the bag. Everyone presumes that the bag is the same bag mentioned in a news item about a bank robbery. Even his wife feels that their life will change for the better if only he uses what is inside the bag. He is adamant that the bag should be returned to its rightful owner but his efforts were unsuccessful.

Avarice seems to be an all encompassing presence in his surroundings. He only found a kindred spirit in a lady bar owner but his efforts to live by his moral and ethical standards bring the situation at home to a crisis point when his wife falls ill and needs a lot of money to pay for an operation.

His actions seem incoherent but in the end there is a sort of an answer for the audience.

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